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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2015 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland

We are pleased to announce that His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland and Mrs. Schnepf have graciously offered to sponsor SCA's 2015 Benefit at the Polish Embassy. 

In what is sure to be a special evening, SCA will highlight our support of Klub Filary, a Warsaw, Poland based program for girls and young women.  Klub Filary programs promote creativity and foster hope, joy, and optimism and a pro-active approach to society. 

Read more about or register for this special event at our events page!  

The Foundation SCA link with a description of Klub Filary activities can be read here.

Join us at our 7th Annual Benefit and change a woman's life forever!

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The Foundation for Social and Cultural Advancement (SCA) helps girls and women around the world live with dignity and build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.  We address the needs of the whole woman—not just a limited aspect of her existence—by bringing to light her full potential in the cultivating roles that she undertakes.

Women are the key to successful cultural transformation, so the programs we partner with support this concept, fostering their comprehensive dignity.  

Across the globe, we engage with local institutions that address at the grassroots level the specialized needs of their communities while promoting their holistic enrichment. By giving these women the necessary tools of education and expertise, we are empowering them to reverse their plight—and that of generations to come—because of the multiplying effect that women have in society.

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Empowering Women in Lithuania from Teenager to Woman Program


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